Love Quotes for Him

In this post today you will get Love Quotes for Him, through which you will be able to express and share your feelings, with your friends, Love one and partner.

These quotes are specially picked from different sources for you to express your feelings.

Love that has always been considered very difficult to understand. And it has been considered more difficult to express it.

Love Quotes for Him

You can ask a lover how difficult it is to express love. Or for if you have ever loved someone or if you are in love with someone right now. So you must know how difficult it is to choose words to express love.

So in this post of today we have brought some important Love Quotes for Him. Which will help you express your love. The following link is given for other love quotes.

Quotes about love by some great people :

“The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your action will be.”

— Dalai Lama

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.”

— Dalai Lama

“There’s some people in this world who you can just love and love and love no matter what.”

— John Green

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

— Mother Teresa

“I’ve been rejected, but I was still in love.”

— Steve Jobs

“Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there.”

— Rumi

“Anyone who genuinely and consistently with both hands looks for something, will find it.”

— Rumi

Love Quotes

Love Quotes for Him

Love Quotes for Him
Love Quotes for Him

1.) I didn’t know what love was until I got to know you.

2.) You are the only one who can make me smile or laugh when I am down.

3.) Everyday I spend with you is a blessing for me.

Love Quotes for Him

4.) I am in love always because you make me fall in love everyday.

5.) You are the reason I smile. The reason I laugh. And the reason I am happy. You are my life and I thank God I found you.

Love Quotes for Him

6.) I don’t want anything else in life. All I want is you here by my side loving me and takes care of me.

7.) Never ask why I Love You, just accept that I do, and that I will for the rest of my life.

Love Quotes for Him

8.) I feel so relax when you are right next to me.

9.) Forever I am yours and eternally you are mine.

Love Quotes for Him

10.) You are the reason for all of my success. You are my inspiration and motivation.

11.) I love you not because you are the best. It is because you make me better.

12.) I was reborn when I met you, You gave me new meaning and direction in my life.

13.) Thank you for always make me laugh even when I cannot even dare to give a smile.

14.) Thank you for make every miracle a possible for me.

Best Quotes for Him

Best Love Quotes for Him

15.) I would never ask you to change yourself for me, because for me, you are already perfect just the way you are now.

16.) Marriage is more than finding the right person. It is being the right person.

17.) You are my inspiration. There’s no hesitation. You are everything to me.

Best Love Quotes for Him

18.) I am so lucky to have you as my life partner.

Best Love Quotes for Him

19.) You made me realize that how special I and my love are to you.

20.) Your presence in my life brings smiles and loving thoughts withing my heart.

21.) The ideal husband is the one who understands what his wife did not say.

22.) Without your love I can do nothing, with your love there is nothing I can’t do.

23.) I don’t care what you say to me. I care what you share with me.

24.) Only by you my heart always moves.

25.) I Love you because you are the craziest person I know. You can make me do the most craziest thing I never thought I’d do. You make me crazy for you.

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New Love Quotes for Him

New Love Quotes for Him

26.) I have cried because of you and I will smile because of you.

27.) I didn’t know what love was until I got to know you.

28.) Love makes you feel like the only person in the whole world. Love makes you feel you’re the happiest person in the whole world.

29.) In love, you have to forget the past, enjoy the present and plan for the future.

30.) Every time I see you, you inspire me and everyday you love me, makes me happy.

31.) It makes me feel better every time. I make you happy because your happiness is my happiness too.

32.) I feel lonely because I can’t see you, be with you, hold you, hug you, touch you, and talk to you. But even though I miss you I am still happy, because every time I miss you the more I love you.

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Cute Love Quotes for Him

Cute Love Quotes for Him

33.) I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.

34.) You are my first thought when I wake up. You are my last thought when I fall a sleep.

35.) I consider myself to be the luckiest person on this earth and it’s only because I have found the most precious jewel of this world. It’s you, my love. You are the only thing that looks good on me.

36.) I love you, I love you from the bottom of my heart. When I close my Eyes, I see only you, when I open my eyes, I want to see you. You are in my heart and I really love you.

37.) Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

38.) What matters most to me is you. I live to make you happy.

39.) I Love You, I Love You, I will always love you forever and ever.

40.) I would be nothing without your unconditional and undying love.

41.) You entered in to my heart and made me fall in love with you. I love you so much.

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Love Quotes for Him that express how deeply and truly You Love Him

42.) Because of you this world is a better place. Because of you I am a better person. And because of you everything is possible.

43.) I can’t stop thinking about you, today, tomorrow, always.

44.) At this moment I truly wish that you are here or that I was there, or that we were together somewhere.

45.) In all honesty, I am only happy when I see that you are happy.

46.) No matter what I would say and do. There is not a single moment when I would not think of you.

47.) The most beautiful dream I ever had in my life is when I love you.

48.) Love is not looking for perfection. Love is instead finding perfection even in imperfection.

49.) I miss you, I need you, more and more. Each day I Love You more than words can ever say.

50.) The greatest feeling in life is to find someone who knows your faults and weakness but still willing to embrace you with so much love without doubt.

51.) My love for you is like a mirror. You can break it into pieces but when you look closely, you are still in it.

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